The Eerie Tales Continue With Canada Post’s Haunted Canada 2 – 2860

Due to the popularity of Haunted Canada in 2014, Canada Post chose to release part 2 on September 14th, 2015. Like the 2014 issue, there are a total of five stamps in Haunted Canada 2.

Each stamp features a blue watermark with the words Haunted Canada in both English and French. In the bottom right corner, the name of the urban legend is printed in an eerie silver, also in English and French.

The supernatural stories include… Out of Lévis, Quebec is the tale of Marie-Josephte Corriveau. Brakeman out of Vancouver, B.C. features a man decapitated by a train. Caribou Hotel in Carcross, Yukon is haunted by the ghost of Bessie Gideon. The 19th century Grey Lady of the Halifax Citadel is seen walking the fortress at night. Then lastly, Ghostly sightings of a couple riding an ox cart on the Red River trails in Manitoba.


Finding the Book Value

Book Value for Price

In this next case, I think we’ve got another stamp, a first day cover, this time a souvenir sheet and again, similar as before for this being October, we figure that this would be a good sale item because Halloween around the corner, and this is very scary of a stamp being a haunted house in Canada. And similar to all the previous cases, our first step is to always get a benchmark of what the price should be. Now, in this case, because there’s a lot more features and the type of artistic work on the stamp, I kinda figured that the value in the catalog price for the stamp would be higher. And indeed when you look at the unit trade price or the base on slot ID number, you can see that the first day cover for the souvenir sheet is valued at $10.50. So again, this gives us a little bit of a benchmark.


Reviewing the Marketplace for Sold Items

Haunted House doing well for Sales around October!

When we go to eBay to see some of the completed listing items, so we can see what we should be pricing this particular art piece or art stamp piece, we can see that there are pretty regular sales being in September, August, I think there’s three items between August 27th and September 18th, there’s three sold listings for this souvenir sheet, and they’re getting pretty good prices, between $5.00 and $8.30. That’s a pretty good price. That’s 50% of the book value, which is obviously much less, but considering that souvenir sheet was valued at $4 something, $5 and $8 is getting a little bit better on finding value for this particular item.

The only thing that does get a little bit more optimistic is the arbitrage between the $5.20 and the $8.30 in price between the August and September, I’m not sure why there’s a huge jump, but this could certainly mean that there is some demand for this particular item because someone is going to pay $8.30 for something that normally was priced between $5 and $5.24. So we could probably cash in on the Halloween theme, but there is definitely a price disparity between the two.

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