How To Sell Your Stamp Collection (Start Here)

How to Sell Your Stamp Collection: An Introduction

The stamp collection, there are definitely a few different steps that are required in order for us to provide the best price to get the item sold. Now we do two different services at our company. The first is appraising the value of the stamp. This normally requires us to take a look at the condition of the stamp, the market demand and the market supply, as well as comparing it to the book value. So that would be step one, is to appraise the based on the condition and the book value.

Step 1: Get the Book Value of What We Can Expect

However, where the true work comes in is actually selling the item and what we find is that the book value doesn’t necessarily mean that you will actually achieve this price in an auction or finding a buyer to pay that full asking price. Normally you get a fraction of this. So when our actual work comes into place, what we do is take a look at the marketplace, so that would be step two, evaluating the marketplace.

Step 2: Searching the Marketplace to find Value and Price to Sell the Asset

In this what we do is take a look at the supply and demand of previous sold items, if this particular item is selling on a regular basis, or if it’s sold on the sporadic one off type of thing. From there we can determine what was the average price or what is the market willing to pay compared to what the book value is. Sometimes let’s say if the first day cover is worth $10, but the market’s only willing to pay $4, then it kind of tells us that there’s not much demand for this particular item because there’s such a huge price difference between $10 and $4.

With that being said, not every … With that being said, a lot of the searches or a lot of search engines, for example eBay is very good at this, is that you can list your stamps on eBay, but how you list that stamp will have a major impact on if your item is going to sell or not. For example, in one particular case, we have a case study even on this website is where we were selling a Halloween item, Halloween stamp item called The Haunted House Canada. Now with that particular piece, we found that if we looked, if we were to let’s say list this particular item for our client, if we put certain terms in the title of that listing, we would get more exposure rather than if we put different key words in that title. For example, Halloween haunted house stamp would get more exposure than let’s say haunted stamp, something. So depending on the type of keywords, by adding that Halloween, we can get a little bit more exposure for that stamp.

So we take a look at various different factors, for example, the type of keywords that the stamp is being listed for, is the art piece or the collectible piece more of a seasonal sale, or is it an all year round, stable selling feature. And then what we do from there is establish a sales listing to maximize the exposure that the stamp can get on let’s say eBay or let’s say on or let’s say on any of the other marketplaces that we list our clients stamp collection for sale. So we look at a different bunch of factors.

This website is more to show some of the case studies that we would do to list particular stamps up for sale and how we would smartly and efficiently organize that particular listing for maximum exposure and therefore maximum price to get the maximum sale price for our clients.