How to Sell Our 75th Anniversary Superman Stamp

Last time, we had a tough time finding any sales for our Star Trek Klingon stamp, let’s try another collectible favorite, the 2013 issue from the Superman collection.

A little history of Superman

On October 10th, 2013, Canada Post released six stamps to commemorate the comic book hero as part of the the 75th anniversary of Superman. The six stamps feature Superman from both comic book covers and stories throughout his 75 year existence.

The illustrations include the cover of Superman #1 (1939), the cover of Superman #32 (1945), the cover of Superman #233 (1971), a story image from Superman #204 (2004), Special Collector’s Edition cover of Man of Steel #1 (1986), and lastly, the cover of Superman Annual #1 (2012).

The collection was carefully chosen by designer Kosta Tsetsekas to showcase both the evolution of Superman as well as a few of the character’s most memorable artists.

Preliminary keywords to help sell the stamp

Before we look at the marketplace, let’s take a look at the stamp and get some preliminary search terms. What are keyword searches? Well, those are the type of words that you put in, let’s say, eBay, Amazon, or Google search bars. In this case, a simple search keyword would be “Superman stamp”.
The reason why I want to get some search terms is to see how well this stamp fares in the marketplace, for example:

  • Are people even selling this stamp?
  • How much are people willing to sell this stamp for?

Once we get a quick gauge of the marketplace, then we can start drilling a little bit deeper into the different keywords and finding what would be the best keyword to get the best price for this particular stamp.

Here’s a view of the first day cover, it’s colorful, a beautiful piece of art. Let’s go through some of the specifics:

  • This first day cover that you see here shows five stamps
  • The issue celebrates the 75th anniversary of Superman – all feature artwork drawn by different artists over the years.
  • If we were to look at a few simple keywords, the easiest search terms would be “Superman” and “75th anniversary.” Naturally, the Scott ID of 2677 will also be helpful when we dig into the marketplace.

Are Superman stamps selling in the marketplace?

Now, that we have some preliminary keywords, let’s go to the marketplace and see if there is demand for our collectible. If we type in a very general “Superman 2013 stamp” into our search bar, we find something we didn’t see in the Klingon Star Trek stamp: people actually wanting this item! We may have hit a jackpot right from the start! Even though the issue is from 2013, there is quite of bit of activity: consistent sales and great selling prices.

In this case, we would probably just stop here, proceed to create our sales page, and list our stamp in the marketplace. No need to make this any more complicated – when you get lucky on any of these stamps, you just run with it.

Let’s do a quick recap of how to sell this stamp

Let’s recap what we learned today: we found that sales were strong across the board, with any combination of “superman” and “stamp” keywords. This could have just been pure luck on our part, we may have just hit a strong selling product. This doesn’t happen very often, so when it does happen, sometimes it’s just easier to take that layup and just see how the stamp fares in the marketplace once we are ready to list it.

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