How to Sell Our Year of the Rat Stamp

The beauty behind the art and culture

The twelfth issue in the Lunar New Year series by Canada Post, the rat marks the completion of one full cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar. The souvenir sheet ties in all twelve animals, each bearing gifts. They are guests at the wedding of the two featured characters: The bride, depicted on the domestic rate, 52-cent stamp, in rich purple attire while her groom appears on the international rate, $1.60 souvenir sheet stamp costumed in dark blue. While the colors are bold, the red and gold are traditional in Chinese culture.

Along with the rich colors, the stamps are overprinted with shimmering highlights with all the animals delicately embossed. To get this effect, each stamp sheet is passed four times through a variety of presses and the result is worthwhile – the effect creates a sense of richness and depth, like looking at silk. But behind the rich clothing their rodent tales curl out convincingly from under their costumes. One is reminded never to underestimate the rat.

How to sell this stamp in the marketplace

To sell this stamp for the best price possible, our first step is to determine market demand. Some simple and easy keywords to start our search would be:

  • The Scott ID number, 2258
  • Year of Rat Canada Stamp

Even though this stamp was issued in 2008, there’s still a fair amount of interest. After all, it is a beautiful stamp. One conclusion that I can see from this review is that prices are fairly across the board. What we would want to do is dig a little deeper for stronger keywords that get better prices.

To find stronger keywords does take a little bit of time, as it is a bit more technical. If we can find better performing keywords, our efforts will pay off handsomely as we can squeeze out a bit more value when selling our item.

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