Canada Post Celebrates the Discover of The Long Lost Franklin Expedition 2851

In 1845 Sir John Franklin’s HMS Erebus vanished while in search of the Northwest Passage. In September 2014, the HMS Erebus was discovered. To celebrate, Canada Post issued The Franklin Expedition comprising of three stamps, two domestic-rate (#2851-2852) and one international.

The two domestic-rate stamps were designed by Roy White featuring illustrations from Mike Little. The first stamp depicts the HMS Erebus on its side in a turbulent, semi-frozen sea giving an indication that the ship is in serious danger.

The second stamp is a map of the Arctic region Franklin was exploring at the time of the ship’s disappearance. Native Inuktut is used to mark the names of the place on the map. The Inuit oral history guided searches to the eventual 2014 discovery.
Both stamps are in a mix of white with shades of grey to represent the icy waters of the Arctic region.

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